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How digital transformation will directly impact the way we work today and in the future, bringing innovation, facilities and changing our way of seeing the world!

By the end of 2019, in several parts of the world, there were digital transformation initiatives being implemented and studied. However, many processes took into account the implementation only for the medium and long term.

But the pandemic, which broke out in 2020, accelerated these initiatives by testing systems for productivity, efficiency, and infrastructure to support critical operations and customer experience continuity across all industries, as well as opening the door to accelerating AI and ML, hastening digital transformation.

And when we talk about digital transformation the first thing that comes to mind is artificial intelligence or the possibility of machines replacing human work.

It’s all part of the human being’s profile to always be in search of new technologies to make complex processes easier. And, in this scenario, one of the questions that remains, and are constantly embedded in newsletters, blogs, among other communication channels is, what will be the future of work with the digital transformation of the world?

And if you are one of those people who wonder about the future of work in this new digital age, this content was made especially for you, read on and learn more!

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