In 2017, Manusis4 was selected by one of the most renowned and state-of-the-art hospitals in Brazil – Hospital Sírio Libanês;

The success of this case led Manusis4 to adapt to the healthcare sector processes and ended up being selected, in 2019, by the largest reference hospital in Brazil – Albert Einstein Hospitals;

It was then selected for use in one of the largest production centers for the COVID-19 vaccine, Fiocruz Institute and is used by the largest network of cancer treatment clinics in Brazil, Oncoclinicas;

Today, in the healthcare sector, there are more than 200 hospitals and clinics, using Manusis4 for the management of hospital equipment (clinical engineering), facilities, security equipment and access control, vehicle logistics management, waste management and management

of works and new projects;

There are more than 10,000 users, more than 3,000 mobile applications and more than 90,000 assets being taken care of by Manusis4 providing this sector with the total digitization of its processes, without using any more paper!

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